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FRESH FEEL is a family-owned business, to create NATURAL products for hair and body care.

FRESH FEEL is designed to fully satisfy all the necessities of our customers, offering a full range of HIGH-QUALITY products as well as offering a competitive price. Our product will immerse you in a tropical paradise as we use the best INGREDIENTS for your skin and hair.

Infused throughout our company we want to push boundaries through creativity and innovation. We produce all products 100% Made in Spain. Following the highest quality standards from the European Union. The entire manufacturing process, creation, R & D, marketing, and distribution is managed from our plant in Valencia.

Shower Gel

Our range of gels, are manufactured with natural fruit extracts. Will provide your skin with the perfect skincare experience, leaving a fresh and tropical scent in your body

Eau De Cologne

Our Eau de Cologne, will provide your skin with a fresh sensation, leaving a pleasant floral scent in your body that will evoke the Mediterranean coast.

Body Milk

Our Body Milk range is designed for every type of skin, produced with natural ingredients, which will nourish and replenish the skin with the ideal amount of moisture, with no greasy feeling leaving the skin with a luminous glow.

Hand Soap

Our natural range of hand soaps, are perfect for your hands, as it will leave them hydrated and with a delicate scent.


Moussels are shower gels with a high intensity of perfume and foam. Ideal for a relaxing bath at the end of a hard day at work. Provides a great feeling of peace and freshness with a pleasant fragrance.


Wash your hair with our range of shampoos, designed for every hair type. Produced with natural ingredients that will leave your hair feeling shiny, soft and hydrated.


Discover our conditioners, formulated with pure herbal extracts that will replenish your hair moisture and will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky, protecting against breakage without weighing hair down.

Hair Treatment

Discover our hair treatment line, where you can find products that will repair, revitalize and strengthen your hair. The final result will be a healthy and glowing hair.

Fresh Feel Premium

We designed a premium line to provide you with the ultimate hair care experience which will make you feel more beautiful and confident inside and out, while providing you with a luxurious experience every time you wash your hair.

Made In Spain

We are a company that produces all our products in Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea.

Oriental Oils

We have created our range of ORIENTAL OILS products composed of a Conditioner, Shampoo, Shower Gel and Body Milk. Discover the benefits thus have for the skin and hair.

Scent And Emotion

What we love about scents is that they can transport you to a different time and place linking back to different moments in your life, while enjoying the shower. Which means scent and emotion are intertwined.

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