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Health & Beauty

With our brands Amalfi cover practically all the needs of the home and the daily care of each person, with multiple possibilities in formats, aromas, and applications

Perfumery and hygiene

Body care

Our Body Milk range is designed for every type of skin, produced with natural ingredients, which will nourish and replenish the skin with the ideal amount of moisture, with no greasy feeling leaving the skin with a luminous glow.

Perfumery and hygiene

Hair care

Discover our hair care, where you can find products that will repair, revitalize and strengthen your hair. The final result will be a healthy and glowing hair.

Perfumery and hygiene

Kids Care

Kids just want to have fun. Let them splash in the bath or play with an imaginary boat while they wash their hands. You can rest assured because Amalfi Kids products have been dermatologically tested and designed specially. So put on your pirate cap or paint your face like a Martian and enjoy yourself with them!

Perfumery and hygiene


Amalfi perfumes is a range of beautifully crafted perfumes, created with exquisite detail and carefully manufactured to perfection. Amalfi exquisite perfume collection speaks of understated elegance and an undeniable sophistication

Perfumery and hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Smile a lot as that tends to confuse people. The Amalfi mouthwashes will make sure that your smile is clean and looks happy. Laugh all you can without any complexes!


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